Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been vacationing

away from the Blogistan rat-race.

First, I joined a whole lot of people in relocating, at least for the next few months, to "I-really-gotta-get-all-this-done-NOW-and-find-a-way-to-raise-some-money-real-soon-town".

With weekly business trips to "How-sucky-is-it-that-work's-kicking-total-ass-but-nevertheless-this-operation-may-not-be-around-next-year-opolis.

That led to periodic trips to "Boy-I'd-like-to-put-up-a-post-on-this-but-my-brain-sure-is-fried-land".

And yesterday I got whisked away on a surprise trip, with free first-class tickets and luxury accommodations for an indefinite period of time, to mylaptopjustdiedville!
Let me tell ya, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Kinda sucks, actually.

It could've been a lot worse though. I don't think I lost anything important on that last trip. Still, annoying as all get-out.

Did I mention that work's kicking some major league ass? So it's all good.


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