Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silence is the enemy


A bunch of bloggers are trying to advance the cause of Doctors Without Borders to help the victims of sexual violence in Liberia.

Go to these links --- Isis, CPP --- and others in those messages.

Please read, listen, spread the message, and help.

These atrocities, in Liberia as well as around the world, have got to be stopped. CPP's post also has a bunch of other links that you can use to help.

PS: Many times your employer will match certain charitable donations. Often you won't know that if you don't ask. In smaller companies, partnerships etc, employers will sometimes match donations in special instances, on a case by case basis. Ask, and try to double your efforts if possible in this relatively simple manner.


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Suzan said...

Thank you for spreading this good word.

You are a true humanitarian - like the others.



Anonymoustache said...

Thanks for the kind words Suzan. This is the least we can do. My audience here is pretty small so I don't know how much effect it has---though every bit helps, I guess.
The other stuff, like lobbying/petitioning, sending money etc will help a lot and I am happy to do it.