Friday, June 20, 2008 see Dem.o.crat.ic Par.ty

They can hear you now. Actually, that's not the correct way to put it---apparently even after the 2006 election they still cannot hear you....but they can listen in on you again.

Verizon (by their own admission in their commercials, millions of pair of eyes and ears following you wherever you go) and AT&T (they tell you they have 'more bars in more places', but did you know that that includes 'up your plebian arse'?) are celebrating as the House passes the FISA bill which, amongst sanctioning other atrocities, confers immunity to these phone companies.

Can't decide which of Old American Century's prints to go with for this one, but these two seem most appropriate:


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Anonymous said...

It ain't the telco's who need the immunity, it's the White House, and Congress.

For it was THEY who broke the rules and signed off on it. Ergo, Bush could EASILY out Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid and others who were IN on it all from the get go.

Now they got their protection. Unless we REPLACE them, the Pelosi's of our government, NOTHING will ever be brought to justice, for they were all accomplices.


Because they wouldn't stand up to cries of SOFT ON TERROR!

Because they would NOT step up and prevent the invasions of Iraq, for fear of being labeled soft on TERROR!

Chichenshitz, each and every one of them. Profiting all the time, too.

Anonymoustache said...

I agree with the sentiments larue. One thing though---the WH and Congres need immunity for a variety of deeds, but in this case the telcos are in the worst position of culpability. If you release confidential info in the absence of a valid subpoena, you deserve to be punished and sued to the max---and it doesn't matter who was asking and why.
But then again, we are "ruled" by a Chimperor Dorquemada (h/t Earth Bound Misfit) who is reported to have once screamed "Don't wave the Constitution in my face--it's just a goddamn piece of paper"