Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad move, President-elect Obama


It is not a cabinet appointment or anything like that, merely a symbolic selection. But by picking a bigoted asshole like Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the Inaugural, the Obama camp has made a very important (and dangerous) concession to tens of millions of subscribers of organized religious wackaloonery. Apparently the Obama camp is spinning this as being inclusive despite having differences of opinion etc etc. Bullshit.

You want to spread a message of inclusiveness? I have an idea---how about letting the misogynistic bastards who have ruled organized religion for centuries be inclusive for a change? How about giving the stage to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the USA?

Pandering to bigots does not constitute inclusiveness, Mr. President-elect.

Update: For those who don't know, or think, that Rick Warren is a bigoted asshole, please check out Mike the Mad Biologist's piece and links therein.


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The Improp said...

This is pretty fucked up.

There's reaching across the aisle, and then there's this.

This is an incomprehensibly stupid move.

scribbler50 said...

I more than agree TI and Stache... this is most fucked up! And most surprising since one of his shiniest assets up til now has been Obama's judgment. So many times during his campaign he went against conventional wisdom and turned out to be dead nuts on. But this one I don't get, in spite of the spin whirling out of his camp. To paraphrase Bogart's classic line from Casablanca... "Of all the pastors in all the churches you had to go and pick this one."

A guy I heard on the tube yesterday, whose name escapes me, put it best. He said, "Rick Warren is nothing more than Jerry Falwell in a Hawaiian shirt."

Anonymoustache said...

TI, Scrib50,
Yeah. This is the first big head-scratcher from the Obama camp.
Let's see how they deal with this going forward.