Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How pathetic are we as a species?


We constantly find new ways to redefine decadence.



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Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde said...

I know I'd be sorry to head into the afterlife without some of my mourners regretting not having boned me when they had the chance.

Anonymoustache said...

Ah, Dr.J, but there are also those in our exalted species who don't believe that death necessarily means the end of the chances to bone someone. So I suppose it is mighty decent of some people to leave them a less attractive corpse to bone?!

Anonymoustache said...

/less unattractive, I mean

scribbler50 said...

This opens up a whole new market for Sy Sperling over at Hair Club For Men. I can't hear his tag line now... "You're not just a corpse, you're a client!"

Anonymoustache said...

Good point Scrib50. Now Dr.J and you got me thinking---maybe there's a whole market for ED therapies/prosthetics in the afterlife too. I can see the promos now---'Do you want to be just any old stiff or do you want to be an impressive stiff?!' Or, 'Now the casket's not the only thing in the grave that's got wood!'
Maybe the geniuses who came up with the 'football thru the tire' commercial could dream up a symbolic game of ring toss or horseshoes?
The possibilities are endless. Just like our decadence.

Anonymous said...

This is the test run you had asked for.

scribbler50 said...

Trying to get through again, let's see what happens. I'm writing this after that last e-mail.

BikeMonkey said...

This is fucking disgusting! Feed the goddamn poor with that money you necrophiliacs!!