Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama


(Pic from The Guardian, UK).

Good luck, Mr. President!


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drdrA said...

It was thrilling, wasn't it. I think I used an entire box of kleenex this morning.

Anonymoustache said...

It was pretty cool, drdrA. Unfortunately work today didn't permit me to watch much of the proceedings. But I did duck out for lunch with Mrs AM and we managed to catch the swearing-in on a restaurant TV.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde said...

That's the best sidebar picture choice ever. I get all goofy and smiley every time.

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks Dr.J!
Every news site had a similar pic, of course, but none captured the moment with the Obama's smiling beautifully quite like this one. It was run by the Guardian.com, UK, and I took the liberty of "borrowing" it... I should probably find out how to cite that pic even in sidebar---maybe shop it to show "From the Guardian.com, Jan20,2009", or something like that.