Sunday, January 18, 2009

Steelers - Ravens quick thoughts


It was altogether fitting that the defense scored the game-sealing TD. And Polamalu in particular, given all the pre-game hype about the Baltimore safety Reed's pick-sixes.

And lest I am remiss, Ben Roethlisberger made a couple of brilliant plays that proved to be as game winning as Troy's pick-6.

The Ryan Clark -Willis McGahee collision pretty much summarized the Pittsburgh-Baltimore series. I hope both of them are OK.

I am glad that the Steelers stuck with the run despite not getting much out of the running game.

The Steelers should have put this game away by Q4. And they should really put more plays in for Mewelde Moore.

All that having been said, I now have a legit rooting interest in Super Bowl 43 and for that I am very grateful and happy.


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scribbler50 said...

As do I now have a rooting interest, as you damn well might have gathered, Stache. This was a terrific win, my friend, and I like your point about Palomalu getting the pick six. What a great player and deserving player to have that game clinching moment. Ben did make a couple of big plays, pressure plays, with some of his improvisation but once again they stall, stall, stall in the red zone. Too many fucking field goals. And what the fuck was that clock management (or lack thereof) right before the half? Throwing to the middle of the field and not toward the sidelines with no time outs? We lose the fucking field goal which in this case would've been welcome. If Palomalu doesn't intercept and the Ravens mount that final drive and kick one, and we don't come back, that fuck-up right before the half costs us the game. Good point also about getting Moore more involved. And one final point... remember a while back I had told you about how Gary Russell is a terrific power runner down near the goal at Jerome time? Well, you can see what I mean if you watched him return kicks. He doesn't go down without pushing the pile forward. He should be used more as well.
Anyway, who'd a thunk it, eh pal? Steelers vs Cardinals. I'd like to have put a thousand on that in Vegas before the season started. I'd be out from behind the stick for good!

Anonymoustache said...

Great point about the game management at the end of the 1st half---that missed field goal opportunity could have been very costly, and I was thinking the exact same thing when Baltimore had the ball at the end before Troy's pick-6.
I too like Russell's style but is he quick enough to come out of the backfield? It's worth a try at any rate. Parker may be healthy but he is just not lively anymore and good defenses expose him. I dont care who you're playing---when you're fed the ball 24 times you gotta do better than 47 yards.
Moore seems to be the bigger threat to break a big one.
Anyway, hope Parker proves me wrong and has a monster game in the SB--as well as Philly ran the ball on Arizona, the Steelers should look to exploit it and dominate time of possession.

scribbler50 said...

One more thing, Stache... love him or hate him, you've got to give some props to Santonio Holmes. He did it last week with the punt return and this week he does it with that ad-lib pass pattern followed by the catch and run. I'm tellin' ya', if this bum can stay out of trouble, he's a dangerous fucking receiver and a real game breaker. We need him!

Anonymoustache said...

Props given, Scrib50.
I hope he makes bigs plays for us in the SB too.