Sunday, February 1, 2009



James 'Silverback' Harrison, Big freaking Ben Roethlisberger and (I so gladly concede you were correct all along Scrib50) Santonio Holmes.

Fuckin' Ayyyyyy!


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scribbler50 said...

Stache: I'm not going to go too long here because we'll get into it more later... BUT... how a-fucking-bout Ben Rothlesberger? A ninety yard drive to win this game. "THE DRIVE II"! And hey, the defense didn't have it tonight we were definitely outplayed for most of the game but so what! The defense did it all year long so it's only fitting that the offense finally win one. And yes, (believe me I'm not doing an I told you so) this fucking Santonio Holmes is a big time receiver. And finally, at least for this message anyway, the first order of the business in the off season is to figure out a way (in the post Jerome era) to score a fucking touchdown when it's first and goal from the five. Damn! And finally, finally, there are no fucking words for what James Harrison did before the half. None!
Damn I'm happy for the Rooney's, and you were right, Myron Cope was workin' some magic.
NOW I'm fucking done!
Great rootin' with ya', Stache

Anonymoustache said...

Agreed(x3) Scrib50.
And, yes, we'll discuss later this week but.....
Taking nothing away from Holmes who had a great game, Ben was 5X the MVP this SB that Eli was in the last one. And Tyree was just as key in that one as Holmes was in this one. Last names count, y'know.
But fuck it. Ben will always have this drive in his bank. And he will be the better for it.
Dayyyyyuuum! What a game. I would've loved it to be wrapped up sooner (and it should've been) but hey, now Ben has his signature drive and the Steelers have their sixth SB trophy.

drdrA said...

I don't usually watch football, but I have to say- I was quite addicted last night. What an amazing game that was!

Anonymoustache said...

It was a pretty amazing game. Too exciting, if you were partisan to the Steelers--but a great game nonetheless.