Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brett Favre is an asshole


His signing with Minnesota has nothing to do with his famed "childlike enthusiasm to play the game", It has more to do with his "childlike petulant attitude with someone who didn't put up with his spoilt vacillating ass anymore". Brett said he wanted to stick it to Ted Thompson when he un-retired the first time and it's a bit late to try and put that toothpaste back in the tube. The Packer gave him every chance to come back after he retired---he refused. Then, when they set a new course for the future, he wanted back in. Tough shit Brett.

If Favre wanted to just play, and even contend for a Superbowl title, he could have just as easily continued with a talented and Jets team that looked Superbowl-bound at one point last year. Till Brett started completing a greater number of his passes---to the other team.

By signing with Minnesota he is sticking it, deliberately, to the one fan base in all of big league sports that should NOT be fucked with. You see, the Packer fans actually own the franchise. The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. The Packer fans put their hearts and souls and money into the team and their football. They turn out in force to cheer their team whether it is led by 'Magic'kowski and Infante or by Favre and Holmgren. They bailed out Favre from the horrendous Falcons and gave him his goddamned career. They bought his '4' jersey and paid him his fat salary and made him a millionaire many times over. And they deified him. And all the fucker can do in return is slap those same fans in their faces and their wallets---all because the Packers GM actually showed some spine and tried to do the right thing for the franchise.

This will hopefully reveal to fans the hypocrisy of big league sports stars---they want you to be loyal fans all the time, but when it comes to them it is only a business. So realize that if you are the prototypical 'fairweather fan' you are actually now a smart consumer; if you are the prototypical rabid, hardcore fan, you are a fucking idiot.

Anyway, I do not root for anyone to fail as it is bad form to do so. But when the Vikings play the Packers next if it should happen that Barnett or Hawk come on a blitz and use Favre to recreate the LT/Theismann play, then my reaction would (instead of the usual "Damn, that's horrible") probably be to merely nod and think, "Karma sure is a bitch, isn't it Brett?"


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DamnGoodTechnician said...

Speaking as a Vikings fan, I felt only nausea, then rage, then nauseated rage when I heard he was actually signing with the Vikings. (I even double-checked the date on the ESPN article to make sure I wasn't reading an old tease!)

What's a better question is what the hell the Vikings think they're getting out of this asshat: he'll be broken by week 6, tops, and then we're back to Jackson & Rosenfels, except this time they'll be minus any confidence they had in their coach, coordinator and GM.

[Sigh.] Tell me there's a silver lining in this for me?

Anonymoustache said...

Sorry, DGT. I think the only possible silver lining is that you guys win the SB with Favre --- but of course your long-awaited party will be ruined because there's the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. And yes, that's the best case scenario we're talking about.
Could an organization be more shamelessly jerked around than the Vikes were by Faaav-ruh? Sad part is, I think Rosenfels could have taken you guys deep into the playoffs. I mean, nobody would have expected him to be the gamebreaker, AP and CT would have pounded the run, but ol' Sage would have made the big completion when it mattered. I think he learned his bravado lesson in the Colts game debacle last year and would have been a perfect 'stealth adequate' QB.
Sorry again DGT, because you have this vacillating shithead to ruin the taste of any success the Vikes may have this season.

scribbler50 said...

"...if you are the prototypical fair weather fan you are actually now a smart consumer; if you are the prototypical rabid, hardcore fan, you are a fucking idiot." How God damn true that is, Stache. And how sad.

As much of a Steeler fan as I am I have a special place in my heart for the Green Bay Packer fans. They don't deserve this. I'll try to be brief here but I want to share a story about those fans that to me says it all.
After that crushing loss a couple of years ago in the sub zero weather, when the Giants eliminated the Packers en route to their Super Bowl win, you had to know that those fans were crushed beyond all reason. (Thanks of course to Brett Favre's more crushing interception.) But as the Green Bay fans were filing out several of them noticed Archie Manning filing out also (trying to hide under his pulled down baseball cap) so they walked over to Arhie and his family and respectfully congratulated all on the good play of Eli.

Those are the people Brett Favre has betrayed.

Anonymoustache said...

Great story, Scrib50! And I completely agree---those fans did not deserve this.
In Brett's place, if I'd retired and then wanted to play again but had no way to get back to GB, and my only other option was Minnesota or Chicago, I'd stay retired no matter how much it hurt---'cos I'd feel that it would be ultimately classless to come back and play for one of those two franchises after all that the people of GB had given me.
Favre is a self-absorbed attention whore and a classless jerk---like I said before, if it was just a matter of playing he could have kept on playing with the Jets!

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Lemme see if I've got this straight. The fan-owned team shitcans Favre because they think he's washed up, but Favre is a hypocrite for signing with their rival Minnesota?

Anonymoustache said...

They didn't shitcan Favre because he was washed up. Favre had been indicating for 2-3 offseasons that he may be washed up and he may retire. The team had been already jerked around for 2-3 years before Favre finally retired. Then, when they heard rumblings that he may want to return, they offered to take him back. the fucker changed his mind. Then a month later, more rumblings. So the Packers GM flies to MS in a private jet and tells Favre face-to-face, "Hey, if you want in let us know. say the word and it is done." Favre thinks it over and says, "No man, I'm done." So the Pack make Rodgers their starter and move on. Then, a month before the season, the asshole wants back in. You know what, if I were the GM, I'd have told him to stay retd too. And BTW, Rodgers' play last year proved that they made the right move---they couldn't afford to lose him and having made a committment they weren't about to screw him over and destroy his confidence (Like Childress did with Rosenfels and TJack). Anyway, so Favre gets all fucking petulant and the Packers offer to release him as long as he woudn't play in the same division---very reasonable. So he uses the Jets for a sham year, orchestrates his departure from there (arguably unethically in this case too) and ends up in Minnesota.
Dude, none of what he did is illegal but none of what he did is honorable either.
Dont act like the Packers made a grievous mistake by canning him---they gave him every fucking chance to come back and then he decided to return after they had set a new course.
If he just wanted to play, he could very well have played with the Jets and contended for another SB there.
He is just a spoilt brat who got indulged by a franchise and a coach who are devoid of any dignity and backbone. Fucking whores---It would give me great pleasure if they miss the damn playoffs this year.
I'm actually beginning to root for that other asshole Cutler now.

Kimberly said...

I just made a Google-search for "Brett Favre Asshole" and this is what I found. I was actually looking for something completely irreverant and tasteless, but instead, I have stumbled upon this Blogspot which has totally made my day. It's been a total pleasure to read all of the comments posted. It just goes to show that you can call someone an asshat and still have an eloquent dialogue. Thanks for making my day.

What REALLY chaps my ass is that Brett's personal life had been splattered EVERYWHERE. From the rubber bands on his wrist to his drug issue to the game against the Raiders right after his father passed to his wife's breast cancer diagnosis and the damage sustained by his family home during Katrina...His drama has been shoved up our asses. And, being the kind of hardcore fans that we are, we eat that shit up. We have been, "Really pulling for Brett and his family," since the day we first laid eyes on this fucker in a Green Bay uniform. So, people that say that, "It's just a job," can suck it. The Packer Nation's collective relationship with Brett Favre went way beyond the field. If all he did was show up for his job and clock out at the end of the day, maybe I wouldn't be as hurt and pissed as I am now. But, this douchbag is a total self-centered drama queen who should probably look at joining the cast of a soap opera as his next gig. Oh wait. Nevermind. He can't fucking act. He's washed up no matter how you look at him.

Here's how it will all play out: Childress is a dick and he and Brett won't get along about halfway through the season. Coincidentally, that will be about the time Brett starts to crap out. At the end of the day, they will do the job of confirming what dipshits they are all on their own. Have fun, boys.

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Kimberly.
I am afraid for you, though, that the Favre experiment in MN will work for longer than people expect. I thought that team was good enough to win with Rosenfels (the run game is just that good) and Favre, even now, is an upgrade psychologically for the team--dont ask me why.
Then good news for Packer fans is that if the Pack defense shows up this year, they can surprise a lot of folks---the offense kicked ass last year and Rodgers was a stud.
t would be cool if Rodgers led the Pack to the superbowl while the Vikes missed the playoffs. Probably wont happen, but it would be cool.

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