Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pete Rose, MLB and the HOF


Comrade PhysioProf has a post up stating that Pete Rose should be allowed into the baseball Hall of Fame. This is the comment I left over at his site---I'm posting it here as it summarizes my views on the matter and on MLB as a whole.....

"Let Pete Rose in? And destroy the only excitement baseball can provide anymore? It is commonly known that on slow news days radio stations can get their phone lines jammed for hours just by opening up the topic of Rose and HOF. Why would MLB destroy all that passion that it can no longer generate via its games? Or its players and their sins, even! People just don’t give a shit about roids the way they still do about Rose, one way or another!

Besides, letting Rose in would destroy Rose too. The fucker lives for and thrives on a good fight. He gets his jollies by scrapping with MLB, selling his shit outside the HOF every year, playing the poor martyr. It would be funny if he went into the HOF—-it would eliminate his raison d’etre for the past couple of decades and both he and baseball would slink into complete irrelevance in a couple of years’ time.

On second thought therefore, I agree CPP. Let the asshole into the hall. Let all of the assholes into the hall."


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Suzan said...

Another American's income suffers from good intentions?



Anonymoustache said...

Good intentions--- I'm told that the road to hell is paved with them.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Just relax, holmes! Football season is starting any minute!

scribbler50 said...

Sadly (and this is my nostalgic side speaking) all of the Halls of Fame have become meaningless to me these days so I couldn't give a shit less whether Pete Rose gets in. Those Halls used to be reserved for the truly greats in their sports... Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, Dick Butkus to name just six of hundreds who soared above their peers. And so being in The Hall really meant something, it meant you were special. Now, because it's merely a quota that has to be filled every time the voting cycle comes around, that greatness gets watered down with every cycle. The mere fact that some people get in after several go-rounds clearly proves the point that they aren't all that "special". If you're truly far and and away a true Hall of Famer there shouldn't be any question about your enshrinement. You're great, it's obvious, you're in!

I'm from Pgh. and I'm the first to say that Bill Mazeroski (love him as I do) doesn't belong. And there are countless others exactly like him (who slid in the back door) whose entrance has only served to diminish the place. To further make this point I'll use the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a parallel example. That too used to be reserved for the truly greats of show business, for people like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, etc. and now you have fucking Pat Sajak with a Star on The Walk. So as far as the Hall of Fame is concerned... there are too many fucking Pat Sajaks being enshrined.

PS: Based on his stats and apart from all of his gambling woes, Pete Rose is definitely no Pat Sajak!

Anonymoustache said...

Agreed and I'll take it a step further. Halls of Fame are historical relics in this day and age anyway. Sure, the physical conglomeration of historic artifacts and facts may have some nostalgia ( and commercial) value, but from the standpoint of archival of greatness they are irrelevant to me, and will in due course be irrelevant to many if not most. The Halls are another example of power brokering by a few pompous assholes who almost without exception overestimate their own proficiency and judgment. Just as in older days publishers wielded tyrannical power over budding authors, the Hall voters could make a difference in the remembrance of any given athlete. In the internet age, who fucking cares? Authors who get snubbed by asshole publishers can still make names for themselves thanks to the internet. Likewise, they may not put Bonds in the HOF but any kid who Googles 'home runs' will encounter a library's worth of articles on Bonds' exploits--good and bad. The point is that Bonds is now immortalized in baseball history---HOF voters, commish, owners and anyone else be damned. Doug Flutie may never make the HOF but thanks to YouTube he will remain firmly entrenched in football history. And regardless of the fact that they gave Eli Manning $97 million for being fucking mediocre at best, that he got a Superbowl MVP trophy (that belonged to the D-Line) because he was a Manning, and that the asskissers will always look for reasons to celebrate his 'greatness' and maybe even enshrine him in the HOF someday---despite all that, thanks to the internet, anyone who really gives a shit can find out in one afternoon, in stats and clips, how totally overrated he is. Information has always been power and now all this info is out there, available at the click of a mouse.
Great players will not be forgotten regardless of how some gasbag votes or not.
The HOFs will soon go the way of the mainstream media---anyone with half a brain will ignore them.

scribbler50 said...

Amen, Stache, more thoroughly and better put.

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