Monday, December 14, 2009

Go a hypocrite....


Accenture has apparently ended its sponsorship deal with Tiger Woods saying that in light of recent events he is " longer the right person to represent them". This is too fucking rich! Accenture was born out of an attempt, by a bunch of fucking useless crooks, to save whatever they could from the Andersen group after they got nailed for enabling/facilitating/maybe even devising the greatest corporate scam in US history, Enron. Hey, Accenture, a two-timing cheat like Tiger is EXACTLY the kind of person who should be representing you fuckers!

I didn't understand the deal in the first place. Tiger is actually excellent at what he does, actually produces something everything he steps out on a golf course. Accenture is a consulting company---produces nothing but hot air and incentuous circle-jerk corporate relationshi...err..boondoggles that ultimately cost the average people everything from jobs to money. 'Consultant' has essentially meant 'pernicious pest or parasite' over the past couple of decades....Accenture needs a cockroach as a spokesman, not a talented productive human being. This was a company that was incorporated in Bermuda, for crying out that they could suck at the teat of American industry and avoid paying their fair share of taxes, no doubt....taking the whole 'offshore account' concept to a whole new level. These are the kind of assholes who have made an artform out of gaming American industry such that the workers get increasingly screwed while the suits make away with the bulk of the loot with little or no accountability.

Piece-of-shit worthless consultants....and these fuckers are now moralizing on Tiger? That is fucking hilarious!! Like I said, a two-timing cheat is exactly the kind of guy you need on your billboards. Ask all the poor folks who lost their lives over Enron.....although, in fairness to Accenture they need someone who cheats professionally, for a living, as opposed to someone who has some private life issues...

Let's see if any of the alert mainstream media call Accenture on their hypocrisy. I'm not holding my breath.


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Suzan said...

Thank you, friend!

I was wondering how long it would be before someone mentioned how Tiger's talent for lying and shameless behavior would be the exact calling cards that many of our best companies would be lining up to use.

And to think that the criminals at Accenture think they are too good for him.


Looks like a perfect match.


a two-timing cheat like Tiger is EXACTLY the kind of person who should be representing you fuckers!

Drugmonkey said...

heh. straight up holmes.