Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL muggings


Could the NFL try any harder to give teams led by a Manning any more breaks? A touch by Mikell is illegal contact and keeps a Giants drive alive (even tho the receiver was in perfect position and just dropped the freaaking ball in stride...). Then Celek gets absolutely mugged in the end zone and no call. Later, Celek gets bumped 15 yards downfield by a LB and no call---not a problem ordinarily, but given the Mikell/Hicks call this was a gimme illegal contact call....

This happens every week with Peyton Manning's teams too---of course, Peyton doesn't really need the help, unlike Eli, but there are always holdings/interferences at key points early in games that change momentum and set the tone for the opposing D's to play hands-off for the rest of the game. It's amazing how Peyton finds his guy wide open after the receivers set picks that are illegal for most other teams.....just part of the Manning genius I guess.

Man, if McNabb had been born rich, white and privileged-surnamed he'd have 3 SB titles by now. I'm typing this the Eagles get robbed of time after a fumble recovery just before half-time.....freaking pathetic. But hey, just like Bush Jr, this country loves its aristocracy and will go to great lengths to preserve the illusion of (or exaggerate) their competence.


PS: Wow, juggling the ball on the sidelines now constitutes control if you play for a Manning.....this is great entertainment!

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Comrade PhysioProf said...

Not only that, but a Giant headbutting an Eagle after the play and slamming him to the ground is no call, but a continuation play out of bounds where the Giant offensive player doesn't even hit the deck is a 15 yard unnecessary roughness on the Eagles. IT'S AN OUTRAGE, I TELLS YA!!!!!