Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary sets new limbo-dancing record

How low can she go?

Well, I guess if you are slime and you can ooze, you can go flat-out low. I am so damn pissed right now.

This is what she is reported to have said today:

"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."


Of course the 'apology' followed, but it is meaningless.

In the aftermath of Huckabee's stupid 'joke', in the wake of the devastating news regarding Ted Kennedy's health, if she didn't know that bringing up 'assassination' and 'Bobby Kennedy' is at best in horrible taste and evidences extremely poor judgment, she doesn't have either the diplomatic wherewithal, or common sense, or conscience, or maybe all three, to be president.

Dammit, I expected SO MUCH BETTER FROM HER.

Did I mention how pissed I am right now? Son of a motherless goat. What is freaking wrong with her?


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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya on this one. I just about wrecked when I heard the quote on NPR. Truly unbelievable!! She's secretly hoping for an assasination, that is the only explanation.

Anonymoustache said...

I don't know JP. I can't bring myself to believe that.
I think that she might've thought it was a good dig against Teddy who endorsed Obama. Who knows? It's just too damn sad.

Anonymous said...

You might be right. In either case they're both sick!

drdrA said...

Ok, I know you people are shocked when I use Physioprof language- but WTF Hilary!?!!

Considering how difficult it was for me to make up my mind about which democratic candidate to vote for in the primary ... I have to say that I'm pleased I voted the way I did, the choice just seems so obvious now.

Anonymoustache said...

Absolutely! I remember not too long ago this was a tough choice! I gave Obama the edge and endorsed him on my site only after his "The Speech". Even then, I thought it was a slim edge he had over Hillary, as a candidate.
Now, after a few weeks of all this nonsense, it is not even close!
The stunning part is, setting aside the issues of judgment, decency, civility to the other candidate, to Ted Kennedy, to the Party etc, even from a selfish aspect she should have known better. Is Hillary so disconnected that she doesn't even realize how badly she is embarrassing herself?

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde said...

I was appalled, too. Although, some people have pointed out that she used similar language in a magazine interview a few months ago, talking about how primary seasons used to go much later in the year so we shouldn't fret about this one dragging on.

I think the perpetual 4 hours of sleep she's probably on has unhinged a tiny corner of her brain. I don't think she meant it as "Hey, wouldn't it be lucky if history repeated itself?" She's ruthless, but not that ruthless. And she really, really thinks she should win.

It's probably the end of any wisp of a chance that Obama would throw her the veep bone, though.

drdrA said...


You know, I think she has every right to stay on until he has the votes sewn up, and despite what the pundits say- I don't think this will hurt democrats in the general election (divided party bla bla bla).

But, I'll never be a fan of her touting her win in West Virginia- winning over someone because he is black isn't something to be proud of... and all this Kennedy talk- it's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Shilary is tellin the money if they DON'T pull the trigger on the OTHER candidate, they will LOSE their influence over the masses.

She's giving permission for it to happen.

Think about it.

And if they DON'T do it, she won't support the money.

And she is ALL about supporting the money. The money is WORRIED. REAL worried.

This was real. She called for the hit. No mistaking it.