Friday, May 16, 2008

These are our "leaders".....

First, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PArtially senile), needs some perspective adjustment. He has now boldly taken on the NFL, regarding the Spygate issue. An excerpt:

“What is necessary is an objective investigation,” Specter said at a news conference in the Capitol. “And this one has not been objective.”.......
“They are enormous role models for everybody,” Specter said. “If you can cheat in the NFL, you can cheat in college, you can cheat in high school, you can cheat on your grade-school math test. There’s no limit as to what you can do. I think they owe the public a lot more candor and a lot more credibility.”

Senator, when you start an massive investigation with those sentences after having replaced "NFL" with "The highest levels of Government", I will listen.

Another quote from the article:

I’ve been at this line of work for a long time, and no one has ever questioned my integrity...

I don't know about others but I'm not questioning your integrity, Senator, just your judgment and sense of priorities. We have had high crimes going on for 8 years and you want to grandstand on some possible misdemeanors that are irrelevant in the larger scheme of things?
Next, John McCain pulls a random number out of his ass, saying that the Iraq war will have been won by 2013. OK, so it isn't a totally random number---he did stick with the time-honored tradition of pulling out a round '5' when mentally groping for a number; 2008....hmm 5 years sounds like a reasonable period of time.....OK, well we'll have it won by 2013.....YAY!
I guess we will spend the remaining 95 years of our 'presence' in Iraq in a wild, giddly, victory celebration.
Our fearless...errrr.... feckless leader Dubi-ya takes a cowardly, indirect, shameless swipe at Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter by playing the "appeaser of the Nazis" card while speaking to the Israeli parliament.

Then he goes to Saudi Arabia and restores American Pride and Dignity by begging to the Saudis again...."Bush appeals to Saudis to ease oil prices".......YacketyYak has obtained exclusive unconfirmed transcripts of his conversation with the Saudi king....some excerpts......
"Hey, pleeease guyssss! Remember on 9/11 when we grounded all air traffic in the US but we sent out own aircraft to round up like 20-odd of the bin Laden family and let them fly out of the country before the FBI could speak with any of them, all the while fully in the knowledge that one of their own, Osama, was suspect #1 in the worst terrorist attack on US soil, remember that? Remember how we stood proud and appeased you guyz then? Come on... Pleeease guys, could you just knock off a few cents off the price of gas so we may win this upcoming election? Pretty please with sugar on top? heh heh eheh"

Speaking of which, Osama bin forgotten has released another single apparently. Does anyone want to start an inquiry (Looking at you, Arlen Specter) into why that bastard is still free while most Americans are not?


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drdrA said...

I'm having a hearty laugh at your post ... of course that will be followed by tears of frustration about the sad state of affairs on all of the points you touched on and so many more...

Yeah- that 2013 was definitely pulled out of his ass!

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks drdra.
BTW, I haven't forgotten about/blown off/ignored the biotech startup post either---just been swamped, been traveling, and haven't had the time to write anything substantive. The tough part is figuring out where to start (I know, at the beginning....) but I'll try and chip away at it and post some bits and pieces soon.

Robb said...

As my brother says, "If a public official has ever been re-elected, they should be voted against."

Unfortunately, Specter will be running against Chris Matthews in 2010 and a child could beat Matthews in a battle of wits. (Although, he does know a lot about Neville Chamberlain.)

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde said...

2013....not random at all! That's, er, One Year After McCain's putative term will be up. So he shoves it off to the next guy/gal.

Gail Collins in the Times was as usual very funny about McCain's speech. "Oh yeah, setting and achieving goals, why didn't WE think of that??"