Monday, September 1, 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining.


Or maybe that's "every golden parachute has a silver lining". I'm never really sure.

Cynical, but true.
That would describe my views on the GOP's mileage out of hurricane Gustav. Much like post-9/11, the Republicans make most hay out of disaster or the fear thereof. Now, Gustav gave them a perfect excuse. A convention that was to be a disaster anyway--given the lack of enthusiasm from the rabid base and the obvious deficiencies in the quality of their nominees--now can be brushed off under the guise of "we were worried for the country". (Really? We wouldn't have known that from the past 8 yrs.) But this way, the worst prez and veep in American history can conveniently miss the convention and McCain and (especially) Palin can get their bring their experience and authority (including as the Mayor of Wassilla) cred to bear on a tough situation.... errr..... Or take advantage of people's misfortune and misery to get some photo-ops, sound bites and talking points. Same thing really, seeing as we're talking about the Grand Ol' Panderers.


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