Thursday, September 10, 2009

Troy freaking Polamalu

If it weren't for him, the Steelers would be losing by 2 TDs right now.

Troy "I just got bumped by the receiver but I'm gonna reach up with my left hand, while falling, and intercept that pass anyway" Polamalu.

Fuckin' Ayyyyyy!

There have been some horrible calls in this game, surprisingly against the home team. The fucking Titans may have knocked out Polamalu---I have always admired Jeff Fisher teams but the "receiver pulling Polamalu down by his hair that was called a penalty on Polamalu" play may be changing my mind.
All that having been said, I have a disturbing stat---Steelers 10 rushes, 12 yards. All other things aside, this cannot bode well. The defense can only do so much. If you cannot control the ball, you cannot win consistently.
Steeler left tackle #78 was so freaking bad in this half that I actually looked up who he was---Max Starks. Max, if this is what you're bringing this year, email me. I will abandon all hope.

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scribbler50 said...

Polamalu is flat out the best defensive back the Steelers have ever had. And they've had some great ones. And maybe he's one of the best to ever play the game.If his knee injury is serious we're fucked! He must've made ten of the first ten tackles in that goddam game.

But you're right, Stache, the Steelers aren't going anywhere unless they're able to move the ball on the ground. This was a pathetic showing. Ben can't be Elway every week and the defense can only do so much. But hey, a win is a damn win and I'll fucking take it.

Football is back and that's a "good thing"!

Anonymoustache said...

Agreed, on all counts dude. The defense sure looked different without Polamalu in there, didn't it?

And we've bemoaned the running ame woes plenty last year---and looks like we've got to dust off all that caterwauling for this year too! Parker and Mendenhall looked frighteningly uninspired. Yeah, the Titans D was playing well, but you have to end every run pounding forward. There was one occasion on which "fast" Willie Parker could have bounced the play outside the tackles and made some yards but he didn't even try---just went down.
I was wondering whether it was just me---that I was being overly critical of the 2 RBs---but then I felt validated when Tomlin just sat their asses down and handed the game to Mewelde Moore in the second half. I loved the guy last year and loved him last night---fighter to the core, and under-appreciated as to how many significant plays he makes. Well, clearly not in Tomlin's eyes.
Gotta love Tomlin too---he wasn't scared to give the whole team a loud and clear signal that he will go with whoever will play and not with who's labeled as the starter.
Gives me more hope for this season. I'm guessing Mendenhall and Parker show up with some fire on their ass in the next game.

Anonymoustache said...

Oh yeah---forgot about Big Ben. He had a shaky first quarter but then did he put the Steelers on his back and carry them when it counted or what? If his last name were Manning they'd have put him in the HOF by now. But Ben, 2 SBs and a ton of clutch plays and drives later, still only gets grudging admiration from a lot of the 'experts'. I heard one jackass saying that if Ben keeps this up he may have to be considered on the same plane as Peyton----seriously, they still won't accord Ben status on par with a QB who repeatedly failed on the playoff stage with some really talented teams. But screw em all---I hope Ben wins ten freaking SBs.

scribbler50 said...

You forgot about Ben and I forgot Moore. You're right, he picked up where he left off last year... quietly making key plays to keep drives alive. Tomlin is definitely a "what have you done for me lately?" guy and Parker better take note. I saw quite a few plays where he could've kicked it outside but just lowered his head into the pile. Fast as he is he's never been my kind of runner.

Christ, between me and you and all this Steeler shit your blog is turning into "Stache and Scrib in the morning".

Anonymoustache said...

---"Stache and Scrib in the morning"---

I love it! Let's round up some sponsors and get on the air---or online----we couldn't be any worse that the current crop of talking heads, could we?

Genomic Repairman said...

He saved my ass in PLS's NFL challenge, but then again every single one of us picked the Steelers to win.