Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hide behind the children!

Remember all the media hoopla about Hillary Clinton not releasing her tax returns? Well, McCain hadn't released his tax returns either but there wasn't much of a furor over that because he's just such an all around good guy and treats the press to barbecues and stuff, my friends.

Nevertheless, he eventually had to release his returns, and in typical 'Straight Talk Express" fashion released only his, and not his wife's, returns. This would be strange anyway, but is particularly significant when you take into account that his wife is heiress to a beer-distribution fortune and is estimated to be worth up to $100 million.

However, this is their prerogative and I wouldn't have made too much of it if they'd just said nothing more. But they had to go and make excuses----which, of course, contain the best part of the story, and I quote from the article:

"The senator’s campaign said it would not release her return in “the interest of protecting the privacy” of their children"

The children. Of course! Won't someone please think of the children?!

The Clintons revealed both Bill's and Hillary's earnings;

The Obamas revealed both Barack's and Michelle's earnings;

So I'm surprised the mainstream media didn't lead off the McCain tax return story with "Why don't Clinton and Obama care about the privacy of their children?". That would be typical McCain-fair coverage, wouldn't it, just like typical McCain Straight talk?

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Drugmonkey said...

a bajillion, no problem. A berzerkillion? Instant fucked up kids.