Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a shame all right

This from today's news....

Pope calls church abuse scandal a 'deep shame'

So I have some questions for ol' Natzinger:

1) How many of your guilty 'priests' are serving, or have ever served, serious jail time for their child-abuse?

2) How many of the priests you 'transferred' to other places have been required to register as sex offenders (and be blacklisted) in their residential communities like other pedophiles and sex-offenders are required to ?

3) How many of your unpunished pedophiles are still working as priests or in other positions of authority in some church or another?

4) Now, just suppose that if a chain of day-care centers or schools or any other non-religious institution had the same track record of serial child abuse, then, with respect to the guilty individuals in such a case what do you think the answers to the above-stated questions would be?

Yeah, not everyone gets the get-out-of-jail-for-free god defense, huh?

It is a goddamn shame all right.

So Herr Pope, for starters, send all the guilty bastards to jail and then maybe I'll think of considering that you may be sincere or serious. If not, I think it will be pretty clear that what all of you are ashamed of is not the abuse but rather of the fact that you got caught and took a massive image hit that also cut into your revenues ---which is why you're now on the damage-control PR tour.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Much Covers It.

drdrA said...

Couldn't have said it better.