Friday, April 4, 2008

Fortunate Son Chronicles--Updates

Some updates on what happens when people can’t tell the difference between fortunate-sperm-ocracy and meritocracy:

If you were curious to know how many people were either

1) Enduringly stupid or

2) Making too much hay to let moral compunctions interfere with their views and deeds in these conflict-of-interest ridden, taxpayer-looting, law-bending, nepotism-driven, war-profiteering times,

well, this latest NYTimes/CBS poll has the answer: About a fifth of this nation.

On the bright side, this number is down --- it was about 31% last year.

Top officials from the Fed, the Treasury and the SEC defend the bailout of Bear Stearns, while the Senate rejected a proposal to let bankruptcy judges modify mortgages on primary residences to help financially distressed homeowners.
Moral of the story: If you borrow only enough to ruin yourself, you’re screwed and you belong in debtors’ prison. If you borrow enough to ruin everyone around you, you’ve got it made in the shade. This, incidentally, was the basic strategy by which an egomaniacal piece of shit like Donald Trump became rich and powerful.

From the “I will restore honor to presidency” department:

Boos appear to outweigh cheers as Dubi-ya walks out to throw the first pitch at a ballgame. Olbermann’s report on this is nice.

There is a move afoot to change the name of the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility to George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

From the less-egregious fortunate son nonsense dept:

Sean Sutton resigns his position as the head-coach of Oklahoma State men’s basketball team. This doesn’t mean that he is not, or cannot be, a good coach. My only problem with his being head-coach there was that the whole “inheriting the job from your father when you haven’t proven anything independently” concept is wrong, that’s all. Still, it is hard to feel too bad for him; he’s worked for over a couple of years at $750,000 a year, and I’m sure the final handshake won’t be an empty one. Every child should get such a start in life.

I’m sure Pat Knight will also bank a few million before he gets his ass canned at Texas Tech; not due to any fault of his of course, just that (as he has made abundantly clear and as I’ve written before) his players are brainless, gutless and heartless.


DrugMonkey suggests a soundtrack for these posts (see comments). I agree. Thanks DM; one of my favorite voices and bands, BTW.

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Drugmonkey said...

you need a soundtrack for these posts...seriously

Drugmonkey said...

'course the depressing part is nothing has changed in almost 40 years...sigh.

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks DM,
I updated the post to include your link.
But something very very important has changed from 40 years ago; from even ten years ago---we now have this fantastic, thriving medium through which to share ideas and communicate. People all over the nation (and world) can lend support and get it, for their favorite causes, not limited by geography anymore. Grassroots movements can be global, and are truly indestructible.
And I believe that the change that this medium will bring about will be more lasting. It is different from print, radio, TV etc, because those media don't have the equivalent of the blogosphere.
It is obviously no coincidence that China heavily censors the net. And no coincidence that some fascist bastards are trying to control the net, have different 'levels', etc here. If we can keep the net free, then progressive change will inevitably come....and stay...longer than before anyhow.

Robb said...

Did the debtor's prison bill finally pass?


Go Democratic congress!

BikeMonkey said...

You have been tagged with the Song Chart Meme.

Anonymous said...

I was water skiing on the waters of Lake Berryessa in '68 or or so. The first Credence release was out, and it was summer.

The whole thing ran in our tape decks, over and over.
Only Led Zepplin's first release was more popular.

But Credence Moved Us Left Coast:

I Put A Spell On You
Working Man, The
Suzie Q
Ninety-Nine And A Half
Get Down Woman
Walking On The Water

I saw a man, walkin on the water. Yes I did.

Course, mescaline was quite popular in them daze too. *G*