Friday, October 24, 2008

Pork-barrel spending? Or lipstick on a pig?


If you thought Sarah Palin's $150K clothing tab (I'd just posted on that a couple of days ago) was bad, check this out!

Palin's makeup stylist was the highest paid individual in the McCain campaign for the first half of October!! She was paid $22,800 for the first two weeks of October alone. And it gets better---Palin also appears to have a travelling personal hair-stylist who has been paid $10,000 for the first half of October.

Palin is on track to spend $65,600 on makeup and hair styling this month.
She's a real person you know! Fersure! You betcha! She can relate to the average person you know!

Apart from exposing GOPers' hypocrisy, all this spending on painting Palin amuses me for other reasons too---all this is going on as McCain is running short of money to runs ads for his campaign!
This is a good example of the current GOP values and priorities and it shows what the GOP is today---superficial, madeup, and rotten to the core.


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Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde said...

Yeah, I'm going back to my not-quite-original point that mostly this demonstrates how fuckwitted the McCain campaign is. Can't remember where I read it (NYT comments section? hmm, that's a reliable source...) but someone who does political consulting said something along the lines of, "You build this stuff in to the budget. When you have some campaign purchases that cost $1000, you call it $1075 so you can use the extra $75 to buy a shirt, and it never comes under scrutiny like this."

Anyhow, whether one views this news as a sign of waste, hypocrisy, shallowness, or just plain managerial incompetence, we agree that it AIN'T GOOD.

and for that we are happy. Man, did you see the Ashley Todd stuff? That shit was HEELARIOUS.

Anonymoustache said...

I agree Dr.J. Aside from the incompetence though, and keeping in mind that candidates have to look sharp etc, isn't 60K per month a bit excessive on personal grooming alone?
Anyway, with McCain running short of money for ads (he has started his blitz here in Indiana--they have to spend precious coin on what was previously a lock) it all shows poor judgment and priorities. Not that we are surprised at all.
And yes, the Ashley Todd thing was pathetic. The moment I saw her pic for the first time, I was almost certain that it was fake. The mirrored B, the complete absence of any sign of struggle during the 'mutilation' etc.
To see that kind of ignorance, hate/fear, and desperation in a 20 yr old is just really really sad. Again, not that I am surprised. The fundies have been carefully cultivating legions of brainwashed young wingnuts with their bible-camp-madrassas for a while now.
Sowing their seeds of hate---as driftglass so brilliantly posted in his reprised classic on red state fundy.

Drugmonkey said...

Blame Newsweek!!!! If it weren't for that extreme closeup covershot...