Wednesday, October 1, 2008



The Senate passes a bailout bill that's very similar to the one the House rejected. In order to win over some votes in the House, the Senators had to add some 'sweeteners' in the form of tax breaks for the middle class and small businesses (yeah....if you are an average working American and believe that you'll see any of that money, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn you'll be interested in buying). So now the bailout is going to cost us close to $800 billion dollars. And no, we still don't get any equity or executive power in the investment banks that fucked up so royally and that will be greedily gobbling up this money. And no, nobody will be held to account for bringing the economy to the alleged brink of disaster.

Carlin was correct---we were doomed when the priests and traders got a hold of us....we're just playing out the string now. We are finished. Done.


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