Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey Mike Greenberg, Piss Off!


So I'm driving into work and flip into 'Mike and Mike in the Morning' for a few minutes and hear Greenie say something like" just handed me this---I find it interesting, they didn't sing the national anthem last night before the baseball game..."

So far no harm done, but he continues with something like.....

"because of Barack Obama's commercial they abbreviated the pre-game and so didn't sing the national anthem..."

Really? Good job Greenie. Lay that at the feet of Unamerican Obama. I guess if they really wanted to sing the anthem the extra 50-60 seconds would have killed the whole affair, huh?

Or maybe it could have been because it was a continuation of a game that was halted mid-way, albeit two days ago? What's the rule on anthems? Is it at the beginning of a game? Or at the beginning of every new day's play? So if a game is stopped for rain at 11 pm and resumes 75 minutes later at 12.15 am, do they sing the anthem again? Any of this possible?

Or do you get an extra dog treat for kissing some major Disney executive ass by throwing Obama under the bus? Like you probably did earlier this summer when you guys couldn't stop kissing Dubi-ya's ass about the fiddling while rome bur....errr..... Tee-ball game at the White House..... that you were invited to?

I guess I've been pissed off at Mike and Mike for a while now---maybe if I listened all day, every day, I'd find out that I was mistaken---maybe I just catch them for the wrong 10 mins on the wrong couple of days every week---but in the glimpses that I get of them each week, they have begun to suck and pander worse and worse. Greenie seems exceptionally annoying, with an undercurrent of ever-growing pomposity (made only more annoying by his fake self-effacing shit).

It used to be a good, funny, entertaining show. It was a brilliant concept, you know. A dumb-jock act and a nerd-geek act! A truly brilliant concept when it was first done decades ago as the "Odd Couple". Heck, decades ago? It was probably done millenia ago! If we spelunked hard enough we'd probably find cave drawings advertising "Burp-farter and Wheel-inventor in the Morning!".

But the Odd Couple formula gets revived successfully every generation. And every good iteration of the Odd Couple is funny. For a while.

I'm thinking that that while has now elapsed for Mike and Mike.


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Drugmonkey said...

PP's the burp-farter. just so we're clear...

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Greenberg is an irritating little shit, and the whole smart-jewdweeb dumb-jock schtick is actually totally ass-backwards.

Golic is much smarter and has a better analytical mind than Greenberg by far, and actually knows what the fuck he is talking about. Greenberg just sounds smarter because he talks fast. I actually revel when Greenberg is out and Golic is on with someone like Stink Schlereth, who is clearly smarter than Greenberg or Golic.

Anonymoustache said...

Couldn't agree more---Golic is smarter and funnier. That's why I was careful to write "dumb jock act" and "geek-nerd act".
Stink is good as is Kasilias (sp)--from what I have heard of them.
By the way, Jaworski and Hoge used to be fucking awesome on Edge NFL matchup---what happened to that show? Did they cancel the one goddamn show that actually broke down football in a way that was interesting? That would figure. Meanwhile Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders and any other fucking idiot of their ilk get plenty of airtime I bet.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Jaworski is a very, very smart motherfucker.