Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Greetings from Blue Indiana


Final tally according to MSNBC this morning:

President-elect Obama: 1,352,356

Senator McCain: 1,329,370


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Abel said...

Congratulations on all your hard work!

And greetings from North Carolina: the official NC Board of Elections site has 100 of 100 reporting fully with:

Obama 2,108,777
McCain 2,097,531

but it has not yet been called by any news agency (although the political blog of the Raleigh N&O stated at 1 am that we were going Obama.).

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks AP.
Hearty congrats to you guys on flipping NC! What a sweet, sweet morning!
Like I said in a previous comment, what I contributed was a trifle---not unimportant, but truly microscopic ---compared to what hundreds of vols here did for months. Without their incredible work, I wouldn't have even had a forum to contribute by way of canvassing etc. I am just proud and happy to have been a part of it.
Aside: I saved a couple of pieces of campaign literature in pristine condition for posterity. These, along with my yard sign, will be cherished pieces of American history that my kids will inherit and hopefully preserve for generations.

BikeMonkey said...

si se puede!!!!!!!

Now let's get down to work restoring our great country!

drdrA said...

Sadly no flipping my sorry-ass red state-... but he did pretty well here despite its redness!

I'm overjoyed that he won... there almost aren't words to describe how I feel. Like someone just posted bail for us all...

Anonymoustache said...

Education can only be delayed, not denied. The kids of today will look around, ask questions of themselves and learn. We will, in time, flip your state too.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde said...

Congratulations to Abel and the ' were really putting in the time where it mattered! Nevada ended up being almost a blowout, so perhaps our efforts were less important--but the fact remains that it was not just a few people putting in hundreds of hours, but also the thousands of people putting in a few hours, that turned the tide.

That, and an awesome campaign organization to support all of it.

Didn't Lindsey Graham say he'd eat his hat if NC went blue? HAHAHAHA.

I went to a podunk Starbucks first thing on the 5th to lay my hands on an NYTimes with the iconic OBAMA--not even "won" or "swept" or anything. Now I have to find out how to preserve it.