Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President-elect Barack Hussein Obama


They just called it!

I can't see properly....the room's all blurry and shit. Something in the air...


Update at 1.42 am:

I have to call it a night now. It doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things but, as I turn in, these are the numbers for Indiana:

99% of precincts reporting;

Obama: 1,348,276

McCain: 1,325,513

It bothers me that they haven't called it yet. But I am hopeful that I will wake up tomorrow to a 'Blue' Indiana.

Regardless, I am very happy that I will wake up to an America that just voted in President-elect Obama.


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ScientistMother said...

amazing. he is amazing.congratulations

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks SciMom. And I think congrats are in order to this country as a whole--it is one of this nation's finest hours.
What an amazing night.
Obama has the makings of a great statesman. Tonight's speech only bore that out.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde said...

You rock! Nate Silver over at 538 pointed out that if reliable-red Indiana was too close to call, Obama had won the election. Lo and behold, 7p eastern rolls around....Indiana too close to call. As soon as that went up, I told Dr Hyde that that meant we'd won Ohio. Fastforward an hour.....

So, awesomely done. I think you personally might have tipped the state, given the size of the margin!

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks Dr.J.
You guys rock even more for having traveled out-of-state to volunteer!
What I contributed to this campaign was a mere trifle compared to what hundreds or thousands of others have done for months here--I am not saying that every last effort wasn't valuable, but....let me put it this way: Indiana has about 5000 precincts and there was a time last night when Obama was still down by about 7000 votes with time/precincts running out when I was kicking myself for not doing more and starting it earlier. The ground game organizers here KNEW that it would come down to a vote or two per precinct. And what a ground game it was! 30 mins before polls closed we were going around a neighborhood canvassing on foot, getting out every single possible vote, telling people that it could come down to a vote per precinct. I think we got out every vote we possibly could.
I am glad and proud to have been a part, albeit a minuscule part, of that effort.

drdrA said...

Dude-I was bawling my eyes out.

Anonymoustache said...

The tears flowed unchecked for a while here too. All I could think of was that an entire race of people here in the USA, finally had the highest practical validation of the equality that was guaranteed to them by law some decades ago. And such is the standing, still, of the USA in the world, that I think many people well beyond our shores felt a sense of possibility and equality that they had never previously felt in their lives. One of this country's finest moments ever, without a doubt.