Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now we wait.


Polls are closed in my neck of the woods. We went door-to-door to get out the vote all day.
All I can say, from my experiences over the past few days, is that the support for Obama/Biden in these parts is far more than I would have imagined. Question is, is my microscopic sampling representative enough of the state as a whole? The polling over the past week has shown an incredibly close race----Will Indiana go to Obama/Biden?
We'll know soon.
Either way, I think that the Obama campaign has fundamentally changed the political landscape in Indiana. Yeah I know there are huge factors such as the economy responsible for the support that Obama has here. But regardless, Democrats are a force in Indiana again. The challenge is to now maintain the network and gameplan that the Obama campaign has put, and helped bring, together.


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Robb said...

Congrats, V.

Even if he doesn't win, keeping such a close margin will help Obama's overall popular vote tally and the higher that is, the stronger a springboard he'll have in enacting his agenda early in his presidency.

It's about governing, after all.

Anonymoustache said...

Thanks Robb.
Ohio has been called for Obama and Florida looks close to being blue, so I think there is reason to be very optimistic about the national race.
But I am not yet satisfied. Call it greed or selfishness.....Indiana is so close. As of now, with 41% of Lake Co reporting, Obama trails only by ~25K votes (Lake Co should go 2:1 for Obama). There is still about 20% of marion and 50% of Tippecanoe Cos to report and Obama is leading both by ~15-20%.
Man, I WANT Indiana for Obama.