Monday, February 25, 2008

And I rarely use Excel when blogging...

This blog has been rated
E for Excellent by PhysioProf!

Of course, since PhysioProf’s blog rates a Double Excellent, I suppose he can walk around handing these things out like copies of the ‘Watchtower’ left on one’s doorstep. So don’t get your hopes up; this blog sucks just as much as it did yesterday. Except, I feel a whole lot better about the suckitude now!

Seriously though, thanks PP. It is much appreciated.

This whole ‘E’ business has inspired me to create a new award, in the light of recent events, for people who show exceptional testicular fortitude. I’m gonna draw on the classic Glengarry Glen Ross theme about what it takes to close the deal (brass balls) and the privilege reserved for those in possession of said BBs, “Coffee is for closers only”, and hereby create the “Closers-Only Testicular Titan Award of the Internets” or COTTAI. Naturally, the winner of the inaugural COTTAI would have to be Abel Pharmboy who live-blogged his own vasectomy!

Now, if there only were a handy graphic that we could use to iconify the COTTAI......

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Abel Pharmboy said...

Thank you, thank you - please hold the applause. And hearty congratulations on your E.

Actually, I brought up the subject with Dave Ng of the World's Fair whose group created a whole slew of badges for science bloggers awhile back under the guise of the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique. No word back yet on any progress.

SalaaMaari Chik Chik said...

There is a potential movement here - the start of the Member of Testicular Titan Association on the Internet or MOTTAI, for all those who are in possession of BBs. This prestigious award, thus, becoming the COTTAI handed out by the MOTTAIs.

Anonymoustache said...

Abel--That is an awesome link! Thanks.

Sala--Duly noted, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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