Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heckuva job, Congress!

I see that the Roger Clemens circus is in DC today. In case you all aren’t aware, two independent nonprofit journalism organizations recently reported that the current administration made 935 false statements over two years to lead this country into war on fabricated pretenses. You bring that up in Congress and the place goes so silent you could hear a cockroach break wind. However if it appears that some whipped-cream-topped-turdbucket like Clemens or Bonds may have been less than honest about what they were jabbing into their butts, they put together congressional investigation faster than you can say “haemorrhoid rage”! Good job, Congress! Let’s ignore the massive head-wound that’s bleeding the country to death and get right on attending to that paper-cut on the pinky.

There’s a lesson here (for average citizens) which we must not forget. Lying is bad; cheating is bad; but when you lie and cheat then you really piss off members of the government --- because that’s their specialty and how dare you muscle-in on their action?

Besides, the whole performance-enhancement issue is totally bogus and hypocritical anyway. But that rant will have to wait till later.

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PhysioProf said...

These motherfucking grandstanding jock-sniffing Congresspeople are a fucking disgrace. Don't they even realize that 95% of the entire US population who sees this shit on teevee just shakes their head in disgust at such delusional narcissistic political wastrels?

I posted about this a few weeks ago during an earlier hearing: