Friday, February 22, 2008

SMU gets stuck with the Dubya Lie-bury

Boy, Southern Methodist University can’t catch a break---well at least the faculty, staff and students cannot. Just when they thought they had finally gotten the stench of Ponygate behind them, the SMU Board of Trustees got them the gift that will keep on giving; no, not a bad venereal disease but worse.

SMU gets to put make-up and disguise on the national embarrassment that has been Dubya’s presidency (and by many accounts, his life itself). Yep, SMU gets to house the G. W. Bush Presidential Library.

Yeah, you’re not the first or only one to speculate on whether that’s an oxymoron. And as you will see from this link, thanks to Dubya's dubious executive order, you will have access to only that information that Dubya and his turd-polishers want you to see. I think lie-bury is the appropriate term for this farcical repository of nonsense.

Don't you think 200-500 million dollars is a lot of dough for a building that should contain “My pet goat”, a few coloring books, and a doodle-pad that includes “Condi, can I go wee-wee now?”

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