Tuesday, February 19, 2008

World change week?

Did I miss a memo about early spring-cleaning or something? First, Kosovo declares independence and divides the world, opinion-wise anyway. Then Castro resigns, and it is unclear who will lead Cuba and how. Finally, Pervez Musharraf's allies were defeated in general elections in Pakistan and, here too, it is unclear who will lead Pakistan and how.

I have this vague sense of unease. The last time countries started lining up on opposite sides due to events in the Serbia/Kosovo region of the world (Sarajaevo), it didn’t work out so well. And if you thought Pakistan was a mess under Musharraf, you really don’t want to see it under leadership that is weak or uncertain.

As for Cuba, picture the “I can has cheezburgur?” lolcat with Cuba saying “I can has demo-crazy?” --- apropos, as it is probably wishful thinking.

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