Sunday, February 24, 2008

Captain Obvious is a Nittany Lion

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on a Penn State study that concludes “Conservatives just aren’t into academe”. Gee, next you’re gonna tell me that the sun rises in the east. There are, and will be, many explanations/rationalizations/spin proffered for this phenomenon. But I’ll give you the simple truth here: Academe requires an open mind and analysis based on facts, logic and rational thinking, i.e. academe requires liberal thought. Conservatives do not subscribe to liberal thought (indeed they use “liberal” as a character slur). So you don’t find many conservatives in academe. Quod Erat freaking Demonstrandum. I can has Knowbel Pryze now?

But never fear, conservatives, because a new ‘academe’ is rising for you as we speak. In good conservative tradition, your leaders have chosen to just redefine terms and bastardize the truth. Recently, creationists launched their own “scientific” journal called Answers Research Journal which promises to

“… disseminate research conducted by creationist experts in theology, history, archaeology, anthropology, biology, geology, astronomy, and other disciplines of science by providing scientists, students, and supporters the results of cutting-edge research that demonstrates the validity of the young-earth model, the global Flood, the non-evolutionary origin of “created kinds,” and other evidences that are consistent with the biblical account of origins. (Emphasis mine)

Now that is a nice objective journal that lays out the acceptable (or maybe even expected) results of the research right at the outset. To paraphrase Henry Ford, “You can paint it any color so long as it is black”.

I guess all evidences against young-earth etc are not ‘answers’ and therefore belong in the hundreds of heathen, America-hating, science journals such as Nature, Science etc (or should we now call these pseudo-science journals, because, you know, war is peace, ignorance is strength and all that). By the way, while redefining research, why not redefine science too? Oh wait, conservatives are doing that too with the whole Intelligent Design (bowel) movement.

So I guess it will not be long before ‘academe’ will be flush with conservatives and all sanity will be circling the drain.

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PhysioProf said...

Stupid fucking assholes. It's a shame these ridiculous douchehounds can't just keep their moronic garbage to themselves, and have to bother normal people with it. Gaah.