Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ain’t that ‘Murkah? A Fortunate Son Chronicles’ Money laundering update

American Values in focus this edition: Citizens’ concern, corporate responsibility, governmental accountability.

'Murkan values in focus this edition: Cronyism, money laundering, corporate greed, government-sanctioned piracy, complete and utter lack of shame.

Remember Kellog Brown and Root? KBR is the nation’s top Iraq war contractor and till last year was a subsidiary of Halliburton (you know, one of Darth Cheney’s many conflicts of interest in office). Anyway, the Boston Globe reports that KBR has been avoiding paying federal Social Security and Medicare taxes, estimated to be over $500 million, by operating through offshore shell companies.

So, these Bush/Cheney crony companies get handed billions of taxpayer dollars, much of it in no-bid contracts. Much of this money unaccounted for by these companies; tens of billions of dollars have just disappeared in Iraq and these cronies may just as well be walking away with it. But that isn’t sufficient for them. They have to cheat on taxes on this money too.

At least KBR is performing valuable services in Iraq, right? Such as serving our troops spoiled meat and providing them water contaminated with human feces. Yep, they made our troops eat shit, literally.

But I’m sure that these KBR folks have yellow ribbons on their cars and a Chinese-made flag lapel pins on their suits. So it is A-OK; they are 'Murkan patriots. Don’t be surprised if the top cronies in KBR and Halliburton get awarded Medals of Honor before the Fortunate Son Exemplar has to leave office.

Ahhh, but ain’t that 'Murkah something to see baby…..

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