Friday, March 7, 2008

Fortunate Son Chronicles: Pat Knight Update

Yesterday, I wrote about Warren Buffett and his campaign to preserve meritocracy, the system that helped make America the land of opportunity. But we don’t live in America so much any more; mostly, we live in 'Murkah. So in fairness, I have to give equal coverage to 'Murkan values such as dynastic wealth propagation, conflict-of-interest-based policy making, cronyism, and of course, nepotism.

While low on the scale of egregiousness (compared to the many global atrocities currently unleashed by 'Murkan values) the Pat Knight story is nevertheless entertaining. Bob Knight quit coaching mid-season so that his son Pat could use the rest of the year as on-the-job-training as head coach; this is tremendously noble on Bob’s part and really co-operative on the University’s part. In particular, those players who will not play next year will always fondly remember the experiment that was their last collegiate season; so I figure an update is in order.

Texas Tech (TT) is 4 and 5 since Pat Knight took over. Not bad, especially for a coach starting out in a major athletic conference like the Big 12. Also, TT has had two good wins during that stretch; they beat then #18 Kansas State and then #5 Texas. That’s pretty darned good at any time.

However, they have also been blown out by historic proportions in two of their last 3 games; a 44-point loss to Texas A&M and a 58-point loss to Kansas a couple of days ago. This last blowout may not have been all bad for TT as Pat Knight showed signs of greatness during, and particularly after, the loss. Here are a couple of quotes from Coach Pat Knight from the post game presser:

“The thing that upsets me again, just like the A&M game, is that we didn't compete. I had guys that I honestly thought looked scared when they got out there on the court. Not one guy showed up tonight”


“I warn them, and I talk to them, and I beg them, but I can't play for them," he said. "What I need to do is have a heart and brain transplant during a timeout. But I can't do that. They have to learn from it. I told them you can't play casual basketball in the Big 12 or you'll lose by 20 or 40 points”

See, right there you know Pat’s a great one---he knows it is not his fault! A chip of the old block, if I ever saw one! See, a lesser coach would have said something like “We beat a #18 team and a #5 team recently; clearly we have the talent and the guts to play with anyone. But, in these two losses we came unprepared and uninspired---and the responsibility for that lies squarely at the feet of the coaching staff, beginning with me”.

But the great ones know that that’s just loser-talk. The great ones always know that it is the undisciplined, heartless, brainless, ungrateful kids who are to blame. Stay classy, Knight!

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PhysioProf said...

I thought it was despicable to leave his team in the middle of the season for the reason he did. College coaching is much more psychological and emotional than pro sports.

College coaches intentionally create a dependent loyalty-based relationship with their players. I heard Bob Knight on Mike&Mike the day after he quit, and he was extolling the virtues of paddling his players to keep them in line. He broke players down and made them wholly dependent on him--which is an extreme form of what even decent non-violent excellent coaches do--and then dumped them in the middle of the season.

That's some fucked up shit. I have no clue if Pat Knight is a decent coach or not.

I think I posted on this shit over at Drugmonkey.

Anonymoustache said...

Right on PP.
I did read your post from a while ago. I posted something on these lines also. My first 'fortunate son' rant started off with Eli manning --- I touched upon Bob Knight fiasco and a bit more in the comments to that post.
Also, I agree with
---"I have no clue if Pat Knight is a decent coach or not"---
One thing's seems clear though---the way he threw his players under the bus, he is just as much of an asshole as his father. These are the same players who are dealing with (not only the rollercoaster of life at that age but also) being unceremoniously dumped as 'clinical trial meat' (without the informed consent part) by the coach they signed on to, so that his son can get his goddamned feet wet. And of course, the son takes a giant dump on them. I equally disgusted at Texas Tech for standing by idly as all this shit goes down.
I blow my nose at you Texas and your silly Knnnnighits....Now go away or I taunt you a second time.

Robb said...

"Go %#@& yourself, Pat Knight!"

Fade said...

As a West Texicas Murkan, I am thoroughly immersed in this sitcheeashun. In defense of Pat, he had a really huge dick for an excuse for a father, that probably explains his lack of character.

I am just glad here in Lubbock, we are one less Murkan of the lowest order. Fuck Bobby Knight, fuck that dirty pos til he dies. Some people's sports legends grow after they retire. But I doubt Bob's will. His only claim to fame was winning a few ballgames for the home team, despite being a monumental prick. Now that he's not doing us this monumental Murkan service, people might actually start paying attention to what a piss poor human being this cocksmoke was.

Anyway, Pat- try not to be as big as a fuckhead as the old man. The best legacy you could possibly gain is by letting people know the whole family isn't made up of shitheads.