Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UPDATE: Hillary’s campaign hits a NEWER low….

….whether by omission or by commission, we don’t know yet…..

Geraldine Ferraro is quitting the Clinton campaign----but not in a good way, not out of contrition for her racist remarks. She’s just going freelance.

From her resignation letter:

Dear Hillary, I am stepping down from your finance committee so I can speak for myself and you can continue to speak for yourself about what's at stake in this campaign. The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you. I won't let that happen.

So this works out to be the best of both worlds for Hillary; the racially divisive message against Obama can still be shrilly propagated by Ferraro, but Hillary is no longer accountable for it.

Until Hillary categorically and unequivocally denounces Ferraro’s comments and clearly and loudly separates herself from Ferraro, she is complicit in whatever Ferraro says and does. “Unfortunate comments” just doesn’t cut it, lady.

The worst part in all of this is that Ferraro doesn’t understand why her comments are racist. She essentially said, “He’s nothing special, his message is nothing special. HJust because he’s black and he speaks well and presents himself well for a black man so the country got taken in by him”. Well Gerry, this is the WORST kind of racism and you just revealed how deep-seated it is in your mind and your heart.

Actually, that is not the worst part. This is: The next time a worthy woman candidate runs for president, she will have overcome this burden imposed by the selfish and bigoted stupidity of ‘trailblazing pioneers’ such as Geraldine Ferraro (and, if she doesn’t act quickly to separate herself from this travesty in no uncertain terms, Hillary Clinton).

Yetanotherupdate, 3/13/08:

BikeMonkey tipped me off about Olbermann's comments from last night---thanks.

Here's the link to the transcript of that special comment.

Olbermann's Special Comments could really use an injection of some of PhysioProf's lexicon; nevertheless, Keith nails it.

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bikemonkey said...

did you hear Olbermann? Gerry has a history. same shit about jesse many a moon ago. it's like a ferraro talking point...

Anonymoustache said...

No, I missed the Special Comment, but just read the transcript. I'm gonna link it to my post---thanks for the tip.

Robb said...

I like how today the media are falling all over themselves reporting on Clinton's "apology" for all the divisive, *wink, wink - he's black* crap that they have been pulling.

Saying you are sorry if anyone was offended is not apologizing for what was said. That's pandering, political crap - and ask George Allen how well that works out.

Anonymoustache said...

The "If they were offended" part was while apologizing for Bill's Jesse Jackson comment from before. But I agree with you on that anyways.
She damaged her credibility with her initial response to Ferraro's remarks. this is all just damage control now. Very disappointing man---I thought she'd run a smart and inspiring campaign. It has been anything but.